Commercial Cleaning

We are an experienced group in providing cleaning services to numerous clients and tailor our cleaning solutions to suit the needs of every client regardless of how large or small the company is.

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Hard floor Maintenance

Our state of the art technology allows our professionals to check before implementing any maintenance or repair programs to your organization. One of our experienced technicians will undertake a methodical analysis of the surface. This is to ensure the program implemented is the best possible option available.

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Hygiene Services

Rajendra Management Group is competent of supplying and maintaining a large array of hygiene equipment and services.

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Good Housekeeping Benefits

Housekeeping means to keep and maintain proper placing of necessary items in their respective place. It can also be summed up by a well-known phrase - “A place for everything and everything in its place”. It is basically proper management and maintenance of a certain area or property, institution or organization.

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Pressure Cleaning

Rajendra Management Group is competent to provide a broad range of equipment with various applications including the use of quick break/biodegradable detergents, offering the most effective and efficient solutions to achieve the optimum result thus ensuring your facility is constantly clean and open for business.

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How to Choose Housekeeping Services

When a person tends to choose housekeeping service it can be surely a breath taking task to select the concern organisation to take the charge of the need. We at, Rajendra Management Group provide the best possible value while getting reliable, uncompromising quality. By examining each potential opportunity to innovate commercial cleaning service on the following criteria, we weed out as soon as possible the poor choices in our decision and find the best choice for your type of business.

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Benefits of a Clean Workstation

Once Mahatma Gandhi has also mentioned that he will not let anyone walk through his mind with their dirty feet. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Surely it is also said by many historians and other famous and well know people. Where there is cleanliness there is the presence of God. We can relate to being very important in our lives be it a commercial or residential place to create a healthy environment that fosters the well-being of humans. But when we talk about workplace, cleaning seems to be more important, it hugely influences employee productivity.

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About us

Within the period of 15 years, Rajendra Management Group has become the fastest growing Facility management company with a consistent growth rate. This is done because of innovative ideas and great leadership. With collective effort and consistent working, we have enabled many organisations to concentrate on their primary work. Note: We provide domestic security to houses , apartment and companies. We do not provide domestic maid.

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