Housekeeping is not at only a work which people used to think in 19’s, now it is a way of life. An untidy and unarranged work or people are not regarded as most favourable. Housekeeping is an important in the corporate culture, clean workstations attract people to work. Today’s commercial spaces enquires about pleasant working environment that’s emphasis on professional cleaning and maintenance services with the help of latest methods followed with skilled specializations and superior results. Our Housekeeping professionals ensure excellent support of your office whether you require housekeeping services in Delhi or in Haryana or on pan India basis. We do have a pre designed ways of dissimilating communication and services, we do acquire cleanliness by experimental approach. We are committed to our promises to adhere to offer best in class housekeeping administration forms from little office edifices to vast open spaces.

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Security Guard Services

Rajendra Management Group is surely understood for its military like control and accuracy sharpened to flawlessness. The group is managed under In-charge of some driving specialists in the field of security. We are known to drive powerful security deliverables and best in class electronic insurance to new levels of greatness. We are the pioneer in the field of Security Gatekeepers, is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company.  Read more



Pest Control Services

Pests are constantly hurtful, in whatever structure they are accessible. On the off chance that they're creeping, we'll grab them. On the off chance that they're flying, we'll shower them down. Whatever be the pest that is free to move around at will, our scope of pests control services will deal with it, while keeping your home and workplace out of mischief's way.  Read more




Cleaning services.

Query against the prosperity of the organization gets resolved with the perfect business building that is shining with the right business cleaning services. Each entrepreneur comprehends that having a perfect business building is particularly imperative for the development. A perfect, new appearance is all the more welcoming for clients and representatives, which mix a sound work environment in an association. A clean and sound environment plays an important role in holding and expanding number of customer’s year on year.   Read more


Pantry Boys Services

As an essential piece of our housekeeping services, we give pantry boys to making and additionally serving tea, espresso and different assortments of soda pops. We are known for giving profoundly proficient and talented Young men to different associations. These Young men are prepared to skillfully utilize a wide range of electrical supplies like Candy machine, Microwaves and so on. They likewise guarantee that the wash room or Kitchen Office of the association in spic n range and hygienic.  Read more



Gunman Security Guard Services

Rajendra Management Group is one of the leading Security service providers. We furnish Gunman security guards with authorized weapons. It is imperative to have assurance for a protected situation. A security assumes an essential part in guaranteeing wellbeing of an individual, office, association and so forth. Their part is to keep one from any sort of viciousness. These Gunmen can be procured by anybody and are paid to secure particular individuals, association, and property and so on. They are there to secure you all day, every day.  Read more


Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) Security Guard Services

Being a pioneer in the business, we are occupied with giving our customers subjective ATM Security Guard Services. We give security watchmen to our customers according to their requests. These security gatekeepers can deal with any sort of assault and battery, to respond emergency occasions and battle circumstances.Our organization has the capacity to plan and create and convey security arrangements going from kept an eye on watchmen to locales seamed, transportation of money and joining of electronic security merchandise. Read more


Well, we are not just a company who takes every bit to perfection. We are a group who is present right before you to cater any of your need. Housekeeping services in Chandigarh, Mohali and even Panchkula we can handle all you needs.

About us

Within the period of 15 years, Rajendra Management Group has become the fastest growing Facility management company with a consistent growth rate. This is done because of innovative ideas and great leadership. With collective effort and consistent working, we have enabled many organisations to concentrate on their primary work. Note: We provide domestic security to houses , apartment and companies. We do not provide domestic maid.

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