These days, businesses are getting benefitted by facility management services. In the recent times, if we shift focus from core business activities then achieving perfection in that core business is almost next to impossible, we help those organisation to focus. It not only helps a firm to increase its productivity but also bring down the operations cost. 

Before you know about all the benefits of availing facility management   services for your firm, you must know what they actually are.

‘Facilities’ refer to physical entities like corporate offices, office buildings, restaurants, bars, banks, hospitals, movie theatres, play grounds and schools to name a few. In order to maintain a facility, there is a need for proper planning. It involves the following:

  •  Proper maintenance of furniture and all the appliances.
  •  Utilization of space and interior décor.
  •  Regular inspection of the property and release of payments. 
  •  Ensuring the security and safety of the property.
  •  Maintaining the cleanliness of the place.
  • Keeping track of the expenses made.
  •  Maintaining the organization’s financial position.
  •  Making sure that the firm’s activities are in sync with Central, State and Local laws in every regard.

     Certainly, Needs vary for different businesses.

     While some of the needs are common, there are always certain specific requirements that are unique to every kind of facility. Let’s have a                look at them:

  •    Real estate sector – Hiring skilled labourers, minimizing the cost of materials and getting good suppliers.
  •    Retail stores and malls – Cleaning of premises, managing power and safety, managing infrastructure.
  •    Offices – Maintenance of the building, furniture and décor.
  •    Sports complexes – Maintenance of the premises and equipment, handling competitions and practice sessions, ensuring security.
  •    Schools – Cleaning of premises and toilets, maintenance of the building, transportation and food services.
  •  Hospitals – Procuring medicines, medical equipment and other supplies in a timely manner, managing waste, proper pest control and     maintenance of the building.

Benefits of getting facility management services outsourced

A number of firms these days are keen on getting facilities management tasks outsourced. These companies are actually capable enough of meeting the unique requirements of specific businesses. This is beneficial for the firms as there is a substantial reduction in the costs. As the owner of a company or any other kind of commercial property, you will not have to stress about having well-trained in-house staff because the facility management company will take care of everything. Outsourcing the tasks lets you focus on the core functions of the firm and ensures proper usage of the available resources. There is an increase in productivity and an enhanced flexibility in all spheres. 

Facilities management services enable an enterprise to function in an effective manner. It has an important part to play in the performance of the business on the whole. Apart from increasing the productivity, the market value of the company also increases. 

Now, if you are in search for one such company that offers facilities management services, you have Rajendra Management Group. Our company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Facility Management Company that was established in 2003. We offer services that are economical but at the same time bring forth the desired results for your enterprise. Our services are available in many cities across India and we keep all the distinct requirements of different facilities in mind. 

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ISO  9001:2015

International Organization for Standardization

We have shown ability to consistently provide services to the customers.

We aim to provide customer satisfaction.

We have processes to for the improvement of services.

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OHSAS  18001:2007

 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series

•It is a Management Certification

•We take employees' health and safety very seriously.

•We increase employee motivation through regular training processes.

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SA 8000:2004

Social Accountability International 

•Our workers are free from employment fees and costs

•We have a strong management system in order to deal with any situation.

•We regularly improve our processes in order to improve our services.

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Housekeeping is not at only a work which people used to think in 1990's, now it is a way of life. An untidy and un-arranged work or people are not regarded as most favorable. Housekeeping is an important in the corporate culture, clean workstations attract people to work

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Rajendra Management Group is surely understood for its military like control and accuracy sharpened to flawlessness. The group is managed under In-charge of some driving specialists in the field of security. We are known to drive powerful security deliverable and best in class electronic insurance to new levels of greatness.

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