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Mr. Rajender Vats
Founder, Chairman & Managing Director


We at Rajendra Management Group are working towards the development of the society more than a decade. We have surely understood the power of development and its effects.


Working effective and efficiently towards the achievement of our goal. We have contributed to society in many a ways by educating the uneducated, providing vocational education to the young individuals so that they can contribute to the society. Polishing individuals for the work like plumbing, professional cleaning, so that they can provide their service in a society that is clamouring for these skills.


We are fairly young country 65% of India is under 35, 50% of the Indian population is under 25. India’s average age in 2020 is going to be 29, at that time the USA’s average age will be 40.So we are potentially the people who are youthful, productive, dynamic, young population, ready to work, and transform the world. In fact, International Labour Organization has a statistics that by 2020,we will have 160 million people who can work,in the age group of 20 to 24.


We, in India, have the people, but do we have the abilities to equip the people to take advantage of this,to be the workforce for the world?


See, if we get it straight, we educate and train them, we really transform not just our own economy and our society, but also the world. So education in our country isn’t just a social or economic issue.It is even a national security issue.We have got equip our people to take advantage of what the 21st century offers them. We at Rajendra Management Group are trying to reach up to the unreached,the people who didn’t get a fair shake in education for reasons they couldn’t help. The people got left out of system, there is a need to bring them in. A country with so much potential need excellence. Floating on the sea of mediocrity.

Adult literacy huge challenge

An uneducated, helpless adult at the age of 54 trying to get a respectable job. We met him when he was trying to achieve something in his life. He is working with our group since 5 years. Trying to get what he didn’t have earlier. Trying to read and making entries. Sometimes, people think what’s the point?

Sometimes, their own family members their wife’s, think what’s the point.The answer is really astonishing it changes their lives;it empowers them in many ways.

Our expansion hasn’t gone enough.Some of them actually need vocational training.They are not all going to become a white collar clerks,officials and IAS officers, right? We would need to try and catch them,and get them 

into vocational training. The question arises:- 

How do you do that in a culture where for more than 2,000 years.The transmission of knowledge of trade craft in our country,has always been through the gene pool.

Why is it with a country of 1.2 billion? There is a nationwide shortage of masons, plumbers and certified electricians?

More Vocational training is needed into our system. So these are the kinds of changes that we’re trying to bring in about. But there are some changes that the government alone can’t do. We have no doubt that the challenges are enormous,there is simply no question about it, in our country. So, there are many an initiatives which is started by our organisation. Good news is we are supporting many an initiatives too.

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