5 Green Ways to Chase Spiders Away from Your Home

Nail down the different Green Ways to drive Spiders Away from Your Home

As per the news from the websites let me remind you that the spider season is going to begin. Many people find this funny but if you are suffering from the disease arachnophobia then this is bad news for you all. The individuals who don’t like spiders to take place at their surroundings. They need to follow some guidelines so that they can get rid of such problems without any trouble. Some of the insects have poison which can cause harsh irritation of human skin as well as an allergic reaction that can affect to bring redness to the skin. There are chances that some people can feel pain and swell too. Thus, for the people who don’t like such smells and need a spider-free environment. They can Nail down the different Green Ways to drive Spiders Away from Your Home which is described in the below points in which we have tried to present some of the household ingredients that are safe for human beings. The following processes are environment friendly also.

1. Citrus fruits

Do you know spiders don’t like the smell of citrus fruits? You can utilize this ingredient by squeezing half of the lemon into the water. Then use a spray bottle and then spread it in your house. If you have areas like wall cracks, corners, and dark places. Then try to spread the mixture in such a place which can help in an effective manner. There is another solution you can use the dry citrus fruits peels and then try to grind the same in a food processor. You need to sprinkle this powder in different areas of your house. This is one of the effective solutions to drive away such insects from your surroundings.

2. Tea tree, peppermint kind of essential oils

If you use anything which has an aromatic smell then any kind of bugs and insects will drive away. You need to add 10 drops of essential oil like tea tree, lavender, or peppermint oil with a small amount of warm water. Shake the mixture nicely. Now spread this mixture to the areas where you think you can find such bugs in your surroundings.

3. Utilize baking soda, spices, and herbs

Some people refuse to use such strong smells of oils. Then in such scenarios, you can choose spices and herbs for expelling down such parasites. Try to use salt, baking soda, turmeric in the areas where you know the bugs can hide.

Another solution is to make a mixture of cloves and black pepper and then spread it in each corner of your house. Do this process with proper care you can wear a mask before proceeding with this step as this can irritate your eyes because of its strong smell.

4. Vinegar – A tremendous solution

In every house, this ingredient can be found easily. It is known as the prominent bugs repellent solution. You need to mix a similar ratio of vinegar and water then spray the bottle in your cottage areas.

These are some of the valuable solutions which can help you to drive Spiders Away from Your Home.