A structured security program has numerous segments. Truth be told, security chiefs of each establishments must apply in any event six key systems – some may even require more. Security executives must research changes and make a complete program. They should characterize their own job as security c...

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Housekeeping means to keep and maintain proper placing of necessary items in their respective place. It can also be summed up by a well-known phrase - “A place for everything and everything in its place”. It is basically proper management and maintenance of a certain area or property, institution ..
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Our state of the art technology allows our professionals to check before implementing any maintenance or repair programs to your organization. One of our experienced technicians will undertake a methodical analysis of the surface. This is to ensure the program implemented is the......
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We are an experienced group in providing cleaning services to numerous clients and tailor our cleaning solutions to suit the needs of every client regardless of how large or small the company is.
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Rajendra Management Group is competent of supplying and maintaining a large array of hygiene equipment and services.
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