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Deep Cleaning Services in Noida

Deep Cleaning Services in NoidaRajendra Management Group (RMG) is best facility company in the country.  We are group of 5000 + individuals who are excited to provide their services for various commercial areas. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

 Our cleaners are fully insured, which means that you don’t need to take any type of stress when you hire our team to clean business premises.

There is never any type of shyness in hiring a Deep Cleaning Services in Noida. We work with thousands of offices in various shapes, sizes, and states.

Areas to be Cleaned by our Cleaning Staff

1.     Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms

Our Staff will clean thoroughly all doors and cover frames, radiators, blinds and window glasses, internal windows, vacuum carpets, polishing of furniture, clean different cabinets, doors, general tidying, stairways and entrance and exit gates.

Interior design of every property or office is different, some has more wood work or some has more stone work so cleaning time and cleaning products are also different.

2.     Cafeteria

The deep clean will also cover the Sink and taps, fridge, oven, dishwasher, cupboards, different types of container, all food making surfaces, cooker and kitchen bin will be will be deeply cleaned. The floor will be mopped and washed. Internal windows and in thorough clean process our workers will also clean the different mirror attachments.

3.     Washroom

Tidying of wooden base of the wall blinds washing and different type of stains also gets washed. We will sanitize and disinfect where essential, mop the floor and polishing and cleaning of the mirrors which are attached in the washroom.

4.     Furniture Cleaning

Our skilled upholstery cleaning workers are well-qualified to clean all kinds of upholstery, which includes: Sofa cleaning, mattress vacuuming, stain removal, elimination of unpleasant odour, cushion covers, dining room chairs, armchairs, curtain cleaning, three-piece suites, settees & more.

After the hiring our cleaning staffs you don’t need to take any type of stress as our team has the experience and expertise of their preferred work or expected work. We like to satisfy our customers with the pleasant work process, so if you need any type of Deep Cleaning Services in Noida please allow us or contact us today.

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