Corporate Housekeeping Service

How Beneficial is it to hire Housekeeping Services?


Commercial housekeeping services are hired by most companies so that their premises remain dirt free all the time. Such assistance is immensely beneficial for the employers as well as the employees. In case you are still not convinced that you need to hire professionals for cleaning, please read the benefits below. You will realize that the investment is actually worth it!


1) Reduces administrative costs

As the owner, you very well know that overhead costs take away a huge chunk from your profits. It is actually quite logical to outsource housekeeping services because when you expect your staff members and managers to maintain the cleanliness of the office, you are actually paying a high flying salary to them for something as basic as cleaning. When you outsource the job, you will be paying much lower and your offices will always be spick and span.

2) Lowers risk of liabilities

When your own employees have to tidy up the premises, you are liable to pay compensation when there are mishaps and injuries. Also, you have not hired them for this work in the first place. They may not know to do such jobs properly. While choosing to outsource janitorial work, you are hiring people who are knowledgeable and well-experienced in their field and are less likely to make mistakes.

3) Boosts employee morale

It can be quite demoralizing when you ask your employees to do janitorial jobs like cleaning toilets and handling trash. It diminishes the dignity of any employee who has been hired for his business skills. By getting the job outsourced, you are helping boosting the self-confidence of your in-house workforce.


4) Less sick days

Choosing to hire professionals is better as they do the cleaning thoroughly. This way dust, bacteria and debris does not build up. A lack of such deep cleaning can increase the chances of staff members falling sick. They can suffer from cold, flu and respiratory problems. This means that when you hire professionals for housekeeping, you will have better hygiene and therefore better attendance which will directly benefit your business. 


5) No tracking of supplies

There are number of tools and products required for sanitary purposes and hygiene. From time to time such items run out of stock. When that happens, you have to reorder them. Asking your highly paid employee to keep a track of all this is strange. A corporate housekeeping services providing company can do such tasks for you and relieve you of all the tension.


The above benefits seem to be quite attractive and you as a business owner can actually relate to them. However, you cannot simply hire any random company for housekeeping services. It has to be an organization that can handle the tasks really well. Rajendra Management Group is exactly what you are looking for. Ours is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that came into being in 2003. We are one of the biggest companies providing facility management services. Our systems and processes are tried and tested. We are able to meet international standards for housekeeping services and other tasks for your establishment